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Enter the name for this tabbed section: How Is Vinyl Made?
Vinyl fence starts out as a PVC powder (Resin) that, when blended with all the required ingredients of our formulation is called compound. This compound then is fed into an extruder. With the proper amount of heat, pressure and mixing via screws in the extruder, the compound becomes malleable vinyl. This vinyl is then fed through a die in the shape of the finished profile. Using vacuum technology to keep the soft pliable vinyl in the proper shape, water is used to cool the vinyl into its final rigid state. An SUV Fence fabricator cuts the wide variety of profiles to the proper length for the design of fence required. The fabricator then routes holes into the rails, so that pickets can be inserted into them, then holes are routed into the posts so that the rails can be inserted into them.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: WIl SUV Vinyl Mildew?
Mildew feeds off of organic materials. Vinyl (PVC) is non-organic and therefore does not support mildew. Mildew that grows on Vinyl is actual feeding off of the organic materials (dirt) that have become embedded in or stuck to the vinyl. SUV’s fence profiles have a high gloss and smooth, non-porous surface that makes it very difficult for organic materials to attach to, and therefore, for mildew to thrive on. This, combined with the use of non-chalking TiO2 helps to prevent most mildew growth. The surface of vinyl fence that contains chalking TiO2 deteriorates at a much more accelerated level compared to non-chalking TiO2 creating a rougher surface that dirt and therefore mildew can attach itself more easily to. Only under very consistently damp conditions will the possibility of mildew occur. If mildew does appear, a mild solution of bleach and water will easily remove it.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: How is an SUV fence put together?
Our posts are machine routed specifically for the size rails being used in each fence project.  The pickets are then inserted into the rail grooves for a clean finished appearance.  Our fences do not use any fasteners, rivets or screws
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How does the cost of vinyl fencing compare with traditional wood fences?
The initial cost of vinyl (PVC) when compared to wood is slightly higher for the material costs in most regions of the country. However with the ever-increasing cost of wood this difference is becoming very minor in some regions. When all the varied cost factors are taken into account over the life of your fence, vinyl (PVC) becomes the true money saver. Factors such as having to replace the wood fence in 5-15 years, yearly maintenance costs (labor, paint, replacement boards, etc), and the effects on the environment because of arsenic in treated wood or the toxic chemicals needed to maintain a wood fence show that wood truly isn't as cost effective in the end. Some costs are hard to measure such as the costs to you of having a fence that looks in need of maintenance. The cost difference quickly vanishes, and in fact vinyl becomes a sound and financially viable investment in the future of your home. Once your Superior Universal vinyl (PVC) fence is installed you do not have to worry about painting, nails rusting, boards rotting, or splinters.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Will SUV fence yellow?
Vinyl (PVC) is formulated using a superior durable grade of non-chalking TiO2 that protects the vinyl (PVC) from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. As long as your fence is kept clean, with a periodic wash from a garden hose, it will not turn yellow.
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What effects does my vinyl fence have on our environment?
Vinyl (PVC) products are safe and non-toxic. They will not breakdown and release harmful chemicals into the ground and do not require toxic chemicals (stains, waterproofing, paint, paint thinner) for regular upkeep like treated lumber can. No trees are used in the manufacturing of our vinyl fences. Because of the exceptional long life of SUV’s fence profiles, several times the amount of wood that is needed to manufacture the same fence in wood can be saved over the lifetime of the vinyl fence. If the vinyl ever needs to be taken down it can be recycled into other products, such as hoses and watering buckets.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Can a Vinyl Fence Break?
Any fence will break when enough force is applied. However, SUV’s (PVC) profiles are formulated using only the highest quality impact modifiers in precisely engineered amounts to ensure the greatest impact resistance available. SUV’s (PVC) profiles are engineered to withstand higher impacts than the minimum required by ASTM. In the event of a warranty issue, the homeowner/consumer must promptly notify SUV in writing of any manufacturing defect and provide proof of the date of purchase and installation, as well as proof of property ownership.  The consumer may be required to submit a sample of the defective material to SUV for analysis.  All notifications should be sent to: SUV Corporation Attn: Consumer Services Dept. 173 S. “G” St San Bernardino, CA 92410
Warranty Information
There are industry standards, and then there are SUV standards.  SUV prides itself on not only exceeding industry standards, but also exceeding your expectations.  Each system undergoes rigorous testing for wind load stability, weathering performance, structural performance and code compliance to ensure long lasting structural integrity and an aesthetic appeal that will add beauty and value to your home. SUV stands behind its products with a Limited Lifetime Transferable Product Warranty.  An SUV fence is warranted against manufacturing defects for your lifetime, allowing you to rest easy that your decision to choose an SUV product was the right one. Please fill out the form below and submit to register your SUV warranty. Original Owners Limited Lifetime Product Warranty             SUV’s vinyl fencing products are manufactured using quality raw materials and are produced with engineering excellence designed for years of maintenance-free performance.  SUV warrants that these products will be free from defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner of the property.  SUV warrants to the original homeowner/consumer that their SUV vinyl fence products will be free from manufacturing defects – including peeling, flaking, blistering and corroding – when subject to normal and proper use.
            Should any such defect occur during the lifetime of the original purchaser (and as long as the original purchaser is still living and retains ownership of the property,) SUV will repair or replace, at its option, the defective fence product.  SUV also reserves the right to refund the amount paid by the original owner for the fence.  SUV shall not be liable or responsible for labor charges or other expenses whatsoever in connection with removal or installation of either the original or replacement product.  In the event of repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty, the original warranty shall apply to the repaired or replacement fence material, and will extend for the balance of the warranty period in effect at the time the material proved defective.  The lifetime coverage offered by this warranty automatically ends upon the sale of the property or death of the last of the original owners of the property at the time of installation.  The lifetime coverage offered by this warranty is designed to cover individual homeowners only.  In the case of fence material purchased by, or installed upon property owned by, corporations, governmental agencies, partnerships, trusts, religious organizations, schools, condominiums or cooperative housing arrangements, or installed on apartment buildings or any other type of building or premises not used by individual homeowners as their residences, the warranty period will be 30 years following the installation of the fence.             The warranty is transferable one time, then in the event the ownership of the fence reverts or is transferred by the property owner at the time of installation to an individual homeowner within the original 30-year warranty period, then the lifetime coverage offered by this warranty shall apply to the homeowner to whom ownership passes.  Under no circumstances shall the lifetime coverage apply to common perimeter or common pool fencing. To request a copy of the warranty in its entirety – including Limitations and Conditions – please send e-mail to